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SSB Log Entry 597

Pigeon Protocol Daily Update

Pretty sure I naively screwed up the lipmaa link implementation and need to re-write. Going back and fixing the mess I made in a branch. Currently there are 10 failing tests.

Based on the discussion surrounding SSB URLs, I am going to diverge from SSB's sigil usage scheme:

  • Change the @ sigil to feed.
  • Change the % sigil to mesg.
  • Change the & sigil to blob.

The new sigils will all be four letter abbreviations followed by a period char.

The reasons are:

  • Does not use unsafe or reserved URL characters.
  • Easier for new devs to remember (although I can "sight read" SSB multihashes, I do remember it took a while to remember).

Here's an example:


NEW WAY: feed.PSAZVT7913W2Q7GJEY1EJ789A2QJ22WD9VMFSJ2BS2DPDZ37RMVG.ed25519 ``` #pigeon-protocol