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SSB Log Entry 670

Pigeon Protocol Daily Update

Note to folks just tuning in: I do daily updates related to #pigeon-protocol - a project with similar goals to SSB.


Today, everything is a work in progress.

I was originally going to allow flexible header ordering in messages. As @cinnamon pointed out to me, this is probably not a good idea. I've stashed that branch and started instead working on enforcement of "canonical ordering".

The new format will look like this (notice that header entries are alphabetized):

``` author FEED.VX4PVHGY750PV84S3ATE6CCP3ND416P2XZ995X1GK655NNQ46S60.ed25519 depth 3 kind example123 lipmaa TEXT.GTTZ48JFHJVSNRWY1WFR82M7A5YTM2N4KN96G913PKHVM25Q8YWR.sha256 prev TEXT.RWY8Q52MVHKP319G69NK4N2MTY5A7M28RFW1YWRNSVJHFJ84ZTTG.sha256


signature C4Z…SNIP!…T20.sig.ed25519 ```


  • Continue enforcing canonical ordering of headers.
  • Change @, %, & to FEED., TEXT., FILE., respectively.
  • Remove .sha256, .ed25519, .sig.ed25519 and friends? Seems like it might be a case of YAGNI. To date, has SSB ever needed or changed these suffixes? Seems to just add syntactic noise while preparing for future events that may never arrive. I could be wrong though. I'm basing this statement off of things that were said in the SSB whitepaper. Real-world experience may offer other advantages that I'm not aware of?