Hi! i'm noa and this is my site on the tilde town. I like to read books and go on walks! I also like music and nice people, like all the people who live in the town


"I just wish that you had better taste in code editors"
"Your opinions on rice cookers are goated"
"I give u a PhD in english from the university of tilde"


A list of chinese vocabulary

Simple spending tracker (sofa'd)


Cultural relic eraser

My name written as an animated svg

An experiment with an article displayed in horizontally scrolling columns

An example mboxfeed file

2022-12-17 A picture of the architecture on the pku campus

An experiment displaying multiple articles in scrollable columns

Using :has to change background colour with element ids or input names

Using javascript to load a stylesheet

An experiment with sidenotes

a generated novel

My view from my quarantine hotel in shanghai

A picture that i like of a pool

a startpage with vertical text

space lady



made by a human, not by ai!!!