Welcome to my tilde page, I guess. I'm not really sure what I'm doing but tilde.town looked interesting and I figured I'd like to join. There's my regular site if you want to see my projects.

About me: I'm a furry (my fursona is a neon green squirrel princess) and my non-furry hobbies primarily focus on video games, both playing and developing. For whatever reason I have a big fascination with the NES and it's one of my favorite platforms to develop for. My fursona was carefully designed to be easily doable as an NES game character and I'm actually developing a platformer game that's going to give her a backstory. It's going to result in a good, general purpose platformer engine that homebrewers can use to make other games (unless you want a game that can scroll vertically!!)

this page written with joe, my terminal text editor of choice