welcome to my homepage

Back in October I committed to sticking with Enohar until I finished it. I've stalled and let it lay dormant because I'm having trouble ensuring that I'm using a document pointer consistently. In the last couple of days, I've spent time studying so I can take up keen seaweek cieu again.

It's funny. I knew within a couple of hours that I wouldn't end up contributing to tilde town. I already had other projects and my own website I haven't updated in several years. The nail in the coffin is that it doesn't have a java runtime installed. While I've made a couple of python scripts, I don't have much interest in focusing on that for the forseeable future.
Recently, though, I've been encouraged by work to learn enough Go (lang) that we can consider smaller environments. And it just so happens that Go is one of the compilers that the tilde town admins installed. hmm.