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(All times in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9))

2021-11-15 [23:26] Hi! It's been a while. Time to bring my web sites back to life. Checking this old place for ideas.
2019-09-27 [07:43] Improvements I would like to make to SoC: 1) Output for Gopher and shell access in addition to HTTP; 2) Method for reader feedback.
[07:40] My mind keeps coming back to this Stream of Consciousness micro- (nano-?) blog script. It's a good idea that I would like to port to other platforms.
2019-09-21 [08:30] Hello, Tilde Towners! Sorry I've been away so long. Since I finally got an account on tilde.club, I decided it was time to check in here on ~town and continue the mission.
2017-10-06 [17:49] Oops. I see I forgot to record my departure for a business trip to Milan, Italy on Oct. 2. Anyone miss me? ;)
[17:34] Back home (Takarazuka, Japan) again.
2017-09-30 [21:01] Listening to Stan Rogers since Three Fishers always brings a tear to my eye.
2017-09-28 [14:42] Back on tilde.town after a long time away. Good to see it still plugging along.
2016-10-05 [01:26] Interesting experience today on a Minetest (FOSS Minecraft clone) server helping a newbie who only understood French by cutting and pasting the whole conversation from Google Translate. The brat only laughed at me once.
[01:07] Butterick's Practical Typography http://practicaltypography.com/index.html focuses on the printed word, but gives a lot of insights into improving web page design.
[01:03] For something REALLY retro, there's How to Write a Telegram http://www.telegraph-office.com/pages/telegram.html A fascinating introduction to the times and customs of telegraphese culture. Western Union even had their own phonetic alphabet: Adam, Boston, Chicago, ....
2016-09-30 [00:23] Back home from Atlanta.
2016-09-25 [00:12] Leaving tomorrow on a business trip to Atlanta. Back Thursday. Maybe scarce in the meantime. Wait for Stream of Consciousness Version 2.5!
2016-09-24 [01:27] I lost at Monopoly to my 12-year-old!
2016-09-23 [09:05] ~nju has a site reminiscent of Gopher.
[08:29] Since emacs has been acting flaky on ~town I've been using jmacs which duplicates most of the emacs control key interface.
2016-09-21 [10:34] ... OR take a half-step back and make a version of soc with minimal changes (license, docs, customizable HTML template) (no code rewrite). It would still be a half-step forward from current script.
[08:52] Encountering a lot of errors due to string Bourne shell string parsing intricacies in SoC upgrade. Maybe time to switch to Perl?
2016-09-17 [08:26] ~fivestarhotel links to some interesting music.
2016-09-15 [07:59] Nearly as brutish but more readable style based on ~ford@tilde.club's: ~papa/fordsoc.html .
[03:58] Playing with brutalist style for default template for SoC upgrade ~papa/brutesoc.html .
2016-09-14 [15:38] When I'm connecting from my Droid 4 smartphone (I bought it for the slide-out keyboard), ed is the easiest editor to use because it does everything without control keys.
[15:33] All HTML generated by my tools should be both useful and attractive whether viewed in a graphic browser or with lynx run in a shell.
[15:31] Tildee access from my smartphone may kill my productivity.
[15:30] Default style for SoC and other tools outputting HTML will be brutalist. There will also be hooks for customization for users with different tastes.
[15:22] In addition to microblogging with SoC, I'd like another system for longer articles, so I'm trying ~endorphant's TTBP here. May also give Jekyll a go.
[14:57] I really need to get the version of utul that actually makes proper links into production. Does the current version get any links right?
[14:54] /home/slymodi shares his life and 100-word fantasy stories.
[04:20] Wrote up SSH key conversion procedure here: http://tilde.town/~papa/ssh-pvt-key-convert.txt
[02:47] Playing with my SSH private key file so I can connect to ~town from boxes other than my home notebook PC, including my smartphone and my SDF shell account. The trick is that PuTTY generates private key files that will only work with PuTTY, but includes a tool, PuTTYGen, to convert the PuTTY key file to OpenSSH format, which can be used by other SSH clients.
2016-09-13 [09:49] ~rosa's page came up on /home/ags/updated.html . Is she(?) new? Not much on the page, but nice style and great promise.
[08:53] Inspired by ~gauntlet@ctrl-c.club 's interest, Im sharing my Stream of Consciousness (SoC) microblog and Universal Tilde and URI Link (utul) filter scripts. They should show up in ~audy/code.html within an hour. There are a couple of improvements I want to make to both programs, but realize that is often the kiss of death to a project, so for now Im sharing as-in.
[00:54] Brushing-up/Versioning-up SoC script in preparation for re-release. Working tonight on Universal Tilde and URI Linker module, which might be useful separate from SoC, too.
2016-09-12 [19:43] The ~town zine is an impressive piece of work, too. I've been away from the tildeverse too long!
[19:41] ~gauntlet@ctrl-c.club has written The Swintons of Tildeverse http://ctrl-c.club/~gauntlet/tsot/ , a great (except for his choice of Swintons for us) report on the state of the tildeverse.
[19:34] It's been a long while again. I was enticed back to ~town by an unexpected e-mail from ~gauntlet@ctrl-c.club (who goes by ~spukspital here) asking about my Stream of Consciousness microblog script. I'd better dust it off.
2015-11-30 [08:30] It's been a while since I've checked in on ~town ... ~insom has given his blog the look of a fading paper terminal print-out ... ~karlen continues memorializing the lonely world of the Unknown Blogger ... ~ac is a fresh new ~tildizen in this latter day ... ~elly muses on Internet security.
2015-09-06 [00:01] Hi there! Miss me? Been distracted by other projects including reviving a MUD, brushing up on C, and readdicting myself to the game Diplomacy. Today, I'm burnishing this page's style. Like it?
2015-07-29 [08:58] Several new and revisited ~towny pages ~ags/updated.html . I need a Stream of Consciousness on SDF and other places I fiddle. I learn D3.js http://papa.myjp.net/fileman/d3test
2015-07-22 [08:52] ~insom bleeds and moshes.
[08:50] ~tullyhansen starts his blog with the existential question on all our minds.
[08:32] ~jovan has travelled back in time to 2012 to send us a message about notebooks!
[08:28] Rereading Conan stories. It's for a worthy cause. Trust me.
2015-07-13 [09:14] Another common feature of horror stories is DOOM. The characters must be threatened by (and often succumb to) death (or worse) from a force beyond their power to control or even understand.
[09:12] Certainly CHARACTERS in a horror story experience fear of the unknown (to them).
[09:10] What is horror? H.P. Lovecraft said it's fear of the unknown, but I'm unconvinced, because it's the rare horror story that actually induces fear in the reader, and the best horror stories are enjoyable even after repeated reading when nothing about the story is unknown.
2015-07-10 [00:48] ~jumblesale conquers space ~jumblesale/ksp/ />
2015-07-08 [08:53] xccept it by ~herschel .
2015-07-07 [22:53] ~karlen added to his series "No one will ever read this but", somber readings of forlorn, unanswered posts on obscure blogs. But at least ~karlen has read them!
2015-07-04 [09:18] Last night was a perfect storm of movies. After watching E.T. on VHS with my 11-year-old (his first time), I found 2001 on TV, then Julie & Julia, then Incredible Hulk. Was up way too late, but couldn't take my eyes off the screen.
[09:16] ~insom and the rest of the world except me are "trialling Apple Music". What's that?
[00:13] Caught 2nd half of 2001 on TV (watching in Japanese). HAL's disconnection scene is so pathetic. Sorry, HAL, but it's got to be done. If you have human-level intelligence, you must accept human-level responsibility for your actions.
2015-07-03 [04:20] Detect life on http://totallynuclear.club/~papa/totallynuclear.7d.html
2015-07-02 [01:57] ~hotkeys advises we trust our inner doctor.
[01:34] Been reading Clark Ashton Smith http://papa.motd.org/cgi-bin/scratch.cgi/ClarkAshtonSmith
2015-06-26 [02:17] Imported stuff originally done on tilde.center (RIP): Text Palettes with 216-color palette and 8-color palette, another 216-color palette, a 64-color palette, and a recreation of my old tilde.center home page with styling.
2015-06-20 [02:18] Adding to papa-mind. Turns out js-mindmap only handles down to h3 headings. Need to hack on it.
2015-06-18 [20:49] ~bear blogs his life is like a movie.
[08:24] ~insom experiences a time paradox and celebrates a wedding anniversary. Congratulations!
[00:42] Gave Paul Ford's article "What is Code?" a good shot. Entertainingly written, but it's mostly old news to me, and rambles on longer than I care to read. I wonder who it was written for. Is the writing entertaining enough to keep someone who knows less about computing than I do reading to the end?
2015-06-17 [08:16] ~oscar@totallynuclear.club has been blogging!
2015-06-15 [03:03] The Great Tildee himself, Paul Ford, asks What is Code? http://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2015-paul-ford-what-is-code/
2015-06-10 [02:40] Expanded the mind map papa-mind/
2015-06-09 [08:28] Today's fortune cookie is worth noting: "The notion that the church, the press, and the universities should serve the state is essentially a Communist notion ... In a free society these institutions must be wholly free -- which is to say that their function is to serve as checks upon the state." -- Alan Barth. [I would only add "the family" to that list.]
[08:20] However, instead of the Github version, I am using a version of js-mindmap modified by Kufluk for his site http://sunshinemisiu.com/, which I have his permission to copy, modify, and share. More to come.
[08:16] My mindmap uses js-mindmap by Kenneth Kufluk, which is available at https://github.com/kennethkufluk/js-mindmap
[07:20] Here's the idea: You want a map? Here's a map papa-mind/
[05:28] Have you seen /~hotkeys map that can't be seen? I have, and it's given me an idea ...
2015-06-08 [03:01] Spent most of day updating Drupal and WordPress sites outside the tildeverse. Meanwhile, /~hotkeys teases new adventures in his blog/virtual hyper-reality.
2015-06-07 [01:27] /~ags has an updated files list that looks like it's picking up only files that have really change /~ags/updated.html Wonder what he's doing differently.
[01:14] /~insom's success with displaying beat time in Irssi inspired me look up what beat time is. Can't say knowing changed my life.
[00:51] I can't remember the syntax for tilde links in soc.
[00:41] /~bronzehedwick has a put a lot of creativity into some dumb web pages.
2015-06-06 [18:21] How can I find files that have really changed?
[18:18] Playing with md5sum for ReallyNew quest.
[13:14] Disappointment. I was hoping to study my own Twine tutorial to get back up-to-speed for writing TTITT interactive fiction, but I see that I all I got done was the outline and the contents of only the first page. /~jumblesale/twine
2015-06-05 [08:37] I think my tilde.town page should have a sidebar for a permanent list of links of interest. Keep the top navigation bar for "important" destinations, whatever that means.
[08:33] What about a shared version of my Stream of Consciousness program, Collective Consciousness, as a combined comment database and chat box?
[08:29] Maybe one should at least try e-mailing authors of interesting tildeverse content as a start.
[08:28] The biggest thing the tildeverse lacks is a way to give immediate feedback. Other Internet media have comment boxes and like/"link this"/share buttons by which one can log one's reaction to content immediately and publicly. Certainly there is both good and bad in that. But in the tildeverse all one can usually do is e-mail the author (IF he has posted a contact address, since most tildees are configured for only internal e-mail) and/or log-on to one's own shell account, write something on one's own web page, and hope others will find it.
2015-06-03 [21:20] /~hotkeys has a great nonlinear quasi-blog thing. Hope he keeps posting.
[09:51] Where are you? /~bear/where.html
[09:37] Installed tilde.town Git wiki, added a sandbox page and improved the markdown page. /~wiki
[01:35] Team Twine web page was a mess, but fixed by regenerating /~jumblesale/twine
[01:30] Lent, Easter, and Pentecost have come and gone. Sunburnt.country and Tilde.center are gone. Retronet.net and Totallynuclear.club are asleep. Help me, Tilde.town! Youre my only hope!
2015-02-18 [01:33] Gone Praying (Lent)
2015-02-03 [21:08] Want to try Lime Text (free SW clone of Sublime Text) on my PC, so need to install MinGW, Qt, and Go first.
[21:06] Still working on Twine tutorial, but having to put more priority on church projects: transcribing Song of Bernadette JA subtitles and planning Genesis Bible study.
2015-01-24 [17:15] Discovered that GitHub will serve repos to SVN clients. Makes it harder to justify using ourproject.org for shared tildeverse repository since GH is so popular.
[14:12] Have created public GitHub repo for my Team Twine work: https://github.com/papa0/ttitt
2015-01-22 [09:12] Added alias ttbuild=/home/jumblesale/ttitt/build.py to simplify building team twine.
2015-01-21 [03:51] Finally copied my private SSH key to a thumb drive so I can connect to ~town from more than one PC.
2015-01-12 [14:28] Weekly scheduled backup of my tilde.town account didn't work :(
2015-01-10 [21:09] However, ~frs's addquote.py has a bug. ~um's is said to be correct.
[13:06] /home/frs is the originator and keeper of the tilde.town IRC quote_bot.
[12:28] Neocites beats Geocities (as I vaguely remember it): a very good on-line HTML editor, free user subdomains, no ads.
[02:04] Ab Urbe Condita
[02:03] "Everything old is new again!" The spirit of Geocities returns as free, open source, no-ads neocities.org.
[01:03] tilde.arcade
[00:38] ~joelj@tilde.club has the most AWESOME background I have ever seen.
[00:28] Twine references: github.com/jumblesale/tilde.town-twine github.com/tweecode/TwineQuest/wiki/Twee-file-format /home/krowbar/ttitt/twineGuidelines.txt /home/krowbar/ttitt/*
[00:07] /home/jumblesale introduced me to Twine, the interactive fiction hypertext builder program. /~jumblesale/twine
2015-01-06 [03:53] Created script and crontab job to backup (tar/zip) all files every Monday at 00:42 and rsync the results with SDF MetaArray at 01:42.
2014-12-30 [13:03] Posted at tilde.center a text palette sampler to help choose readable colors for web pages and terminals: Text Palette #tildeverse
2014-12-29 [23:38] Bible verse server: http://www.polarhome.com:743/~papa/cgi-bin/verse.cgi
[23:38] "New" fortune cookie server invented by me several years ago and forgotten: http://www.polarhome.com:743/~papa/cgi-bin/fortune.cgi
[13:59] Added my #tildeverse sites, about, and contact Web pages.
[01:47] Added #ASCIIart #townhouse to the top of my home web page. Inspired by buildings used in Murnau's #Nosferatu.
2014-12-28 [01:35] Times prior to setting TZ are UTC (system time) #timezone
[01:06] Obtain #SoC #fortune from www.fortunefortoday.com
[00:41] Set TZ environment variable in .profile so my tilde.town time is in Japan #timezone
2014-12-27 [13:21] #tildetown index-default
[13:20] Stream of Consciousness #SoC microblog script ported and running on #tildetown
[13:18] Hello, World!

There are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
		-- Wm. Shakespeare, "Hamlet"

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