Mosaic Tetris

Mosaic Tetris is a Tetris variant where you can put the pieces anywhere and they won't fall down, but you can't rotate them. Filling up horizontal or vertical lines will clear them and give you points.

A screenshot of Mosaic Tetris

The tetrominoes come randomly rotated in the center of the screen.

This is my first ever program written in Go!

It's called Mosaic Tetris because you're laying down tetrominos like tiles in a mosaic.


WASD or arrow keys
Hard drop
Q or Esc or Ctrl+C
New game


You can get the latest version here or from the Github releases page for Linux, Windows, and (possibly) Mac. I don't have a Mac to test it on so the Mac build might be totally broken. leaderboard

The leaderboard updates with Mosaic Tetris scores for users every hour. If you're on, run town mosaic-tetris to play!