Welcome to my ~tilde homepage!

Hello, I'm Ranel. A wee bit about is that I've recently started trying get computers to draw using BQN, I've been trying and failing to teach computers how to help me keep track of combat for D and D, and that I have split my party of 5, 4 ways.

Not to sound defeatest I'll share my recent victory, one of my greatest. I made great fudgy brownies. I had bewitched by a foule vile beast, after I attempted to steal the recipe to those brownies I seeked most to create, to have hands, heart, and mind only capable of cakey, or undercooked, brownies. This curse lingered on me for a year, dominating my thoughts but after writting on each failure, traveling to the parley with the moon people of uranus (well known for their pretty tight cooking), playing with the knobs on the oven, and slowly reducing the flour content of my recipe I broke the curse. I'll be sure to share the recipe soon, as not to lead more down that destructive path.