things is a little bash script I'm maintaining just to remind myself of things I like and use.

I keep it in a folder called 'bin', added that to my path so that I can summon it simply by typing 'things' whereever I am in the directory tree. If I've remembered to fix the permissions you can run it straight from ~rjt/bin/things

BTW to add a directory to your path just add a line like PATH=$PATH:~/bin to your '.bashrc' file.

You also need to make the script executable with chmod +x things.

For the most up-to-date version check the file in my tildetown github repo.


#   Tilde Town things

b1=$(tput setaf 190)    #   border, yellow
h1=$(tput blink smso)   #   header, blinking
t1=$(tput setaf 5)      #   thing text, pink
t2=$(tput sgr0)         #   notes text, default
def=$(tput sgr0)        #   default

printf "${b1}╔═══════════════╗\n"
printf "${b1}║ ${h1}T H I N G S !${def}${b1} ║\n"
printf "${b1}╟───────────────╚╤═════════════════════════╗\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} ASCII Farm     ${b1}│${t2} asciifarm               ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} bbj            ${b1}│${t2} Message board           ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} botany         ${b1}│${t2} Don't forget to water!  ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} chat           ${b1}│${t2} screen -r               ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} gopher         ${b1}│${t2} gopher       ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} intranet       ${b1}│${t2} lynx localhost:12345    ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} ${b1}│${t2} telnet localhost 5071   ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} shrimper       ${b1}│${t2} bash ~james/ ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} sotd           ${b1}│${t2} !supdate [link] [title] ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║${t1} usolitaire     ${b1}│${t2} CLI solitaire           ${b1}║\n"
printf "${b1}║ ...            │                         ║\n"
printf "${b1}╚════════════════╧═════════════════════════╝${def}\n"