Gather ye rosebuds.

(in like a non-sexual way).

hot takes

My new hot take: the tildes are the amish of the web. I mean that in a very respectful way. I mean that after careful consideration, we are using the tools on these internets that we think will make us happy,

like irc and vim?

and rejecting those that that we fear will pollute our hearts and minds.

Like facebook?


  1. podcasts are better than tv and movies right now;
  2. the great gatsby is a shit book;
  3. html is underrated;

open questions

  1. none at this time
  2. ?

my "BLOG".

i have like seven half finished posts that i like to pretend i will finish;

also i like to pretend the url was always meant to be ironic;



tools that pollute my soul