What does ~rogbeer put here? That which probably doesn't fit anywhere else on the Internet

"Man makes a clever face and talks about being lord on Earth. And at the same time he doesn’t even know where to begin with his own body: he watches sports on television and defends himself saying that everyone else does it too."

- Homeless Kodo

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What I am up to now


This is my - by way of an idiom - jump onto the band-wagon of the “now page”, which Mr. Derek Sivers wrote about.

My visual works

I am selling my artwork online, at https://tonychen.bigcartel.com.

Having said that, it’s - I’m preparing to go for, quite possibly, the entire of my life-time without a single sale of my pictures. The self-taught artist Sophie Kao told me the (now-)famous Van Gogh sold only one painting during his life-time.

I’m letting percolate the idea of making works for a future person - not to say I think I’m certainly ahead of my time, of course - it’s just an idea I got from reading about who the writer Natsume Souseki decided on, as the target audience of his novels: there were three categories of audience, reportedly, and one of them was a person of the future.

My written works

I find that words- are an outlet for my- whatever I have to say- in a way that, say, a visual medium isn’t. I have my poems (self-)published at https://trust-in-jehovah.tumblr.com.

How do I pay my bills, you ask

I’m having part-time employment as a cook - but it’s not entirely for money. It is written in the Bible: “I say this to you not to mean that you be burdened and others eased, but that there should be equality: that you in your time of abundance may supply them in their time of lack, and they in their time of abundance may supply you in your time of lack.”

So, equality - as megalomanical or falsely heroic as that may make me out to be. I have some time, they have some kitchen-equipment to let me become familiar with: an oven of sorts, a microwave oven, several “induction cookers”, a couple of rice cookers - they have the ingredients, too - and they have customers that I can serve (and I have colleagues that I can serve, too!) It helps that I have an allowance of SGD$8 for a so-called ‘staff meal’, on the days that I do work. I thank my god for that.

I get to flex some physical muscles - oh, the crockery; oh, the dish-washing.

My current restaurant-workplace is an outlet of Saizeriya, on the island of Singapore. (A visual map of outlets on Singapore-island)

Is that all I do with my time?

I want to keep my options open, I want to have time to explore any curiosity I may develop- or notice in myself; I think it’s important to (have time to) nourish my art - visual works, written works, or otherwise. What is it to you if I choose to spend time in a way that I do not explain to you?

I think it’s infantilising to expect others to live life according to one’s standards. How arrogant that is, to presume there is one life-style that is superior to all others!

I shall not name who, or in which part of the world, I have come across such arrogance, and even such mockery.

Only- I am happy to share- I have instruction from Scriptures: “Whoever sows much reaps much. Whoever sows little reaps little. Therefore let each man do as he has purposed in his heart, not reluctantly… God loves a cheerful giver.”

At the point of writing, the date was 17th July 2019.