DM42 is a modern clone of the HP-42s RPN scientific calculator. It is rather expensive and I don't have much of a practical need for it, but it's fun. (See also: Free42, the FOSS HP-42s simulator/implementation the DM42 uses. Run it on your computer or smartphone.)

For programs I've written for fun, see HP-42s on gopher.


DM42 supports screensaver images, displayed when the calculator is off. Images are 400x240 1-bit bmp. Below are the images I've added to my rotation. See also the stock images.

five fingered hand of eris source: Principia Discordia

fnords source: Principia Discordia

navi source: Copland OS wallpaper

scheme source: PLT Scheme logo

nerv source: NERV logo

seele source: Seele logo