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░d░y░l░a░n░ ░f░l░a░h░e░r░t░y░'░s░ ░w░o░n░d░e░r░f░u░l░ ░t░i░l░d░e░ ░t░o░w░n░ ░b░r░a░n░c░h░

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≋w≋e≋l≋c≋o≋m≋e≋ ≋t≋o≋ ≋m≋y≋ ≋'≋t≋i≋l≋d≋e≋ ≋t≋o≋w≋n≋ ≋s≋i≋t≋e≋'≋

as they call it...

19 year old that wastes time doing internet media projects and reading books.

this medium is interesting, i hope i stay active here

find the books i am reading at this link

contact me: dylan at mailfence.com

you can find my music here this is some stuff i've designed

The short-term is already hacked by the long-term. The medium-term is reefed on schizophrenia. The long-term is canceled.

go here to know everything



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