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13 november 2014

one thing's for certain -- i don't know a fraction of what i could know in vim. beyond insert mode and !wq for saving and quitting, i'm struggling at navigating efficiently through this file to make changes. i know some folks are creating files locally, testing them in browser, and then uploading them later, but a big part of the process for me is learning within the terminal.

fortunately, ~shanx has got my back. today i figured out that A will allow me to enter insert mode at the end of the line my cursor was already on (genius!). copying and pasting using v, y, and p is also something i'm trying to practice.

12 november 2014

more memories of my time as a surly pre-teen exploring the web circa 1998-2002. we were actually many surly pre-teens, each with our own ~ on some of the more popular kids' domains. these were the guestbook and greymatter years, where you had to specify optimal resolutions (800 x 600 minimum, 1024 x 768 ideal). javascript had to be enabled for the pop-ups.

i remember the day one of the surly pre-teens figured out php. all of a sudden we could automagically assemble our pages from bits and pieces, stringing together headers and navigation menus and content without re-making pages. css was a revelation. external stylesheets doubly so. longing for that kind of structure here now, let me tell you.

11 november 2014

lots of firsts tonight! ~vilmibm e-mailed to let me know that my account was created, folks in the irc channel helped me sort out image uploading via scp, and i did my darndest to recreate a table layout after years of making divs. not everything on here will be modeled after my pre-teen years on geocities -- just for you, no align="center" -- but for now i've got some embedded styles and whathaveyou.

potentially helpful things to help you get started

  • shanx's guide to uploading images via scp.
  • knowing that scp won't create directories for you, so you've gotta mkdir some directories for your uploaded items.
  • logging in using tilde.club ssh keypair (on unix-y machines, and by subbing in your own username) can be accomplished by typing:
    ssh -i ~/.ssh/tilde.club sarah@tilde.town


  • index page