24 may 2021

i cant stay in these diggings long few days, few days i can't stay in these diggings long and i am going home

20 may 2021

woah, been a while since i visited town

07 march 2018

time is bullshit, there's never enough

tear down this wall (no really i leave my terminal for half an hour and it's full of wall messages 🙃)

22 february 2018

i just love embarassing myself when i don't know what the fuck im doing but i think i do :)))))

19 february 2018

Hmm. I just did a writeup on my media center setup. Now I'm thinking of migrating all that from my Windows desktop to my old laptop, giving it a fresh install of Xubuntu as a basis.

11 february 2018

I now have my podcast subscriptions in HTML and OPML in my pods directory

(for those using gopher: gopher://tilde.town/1/~sixthhokage1/pods )

10 february 2018

I should really participate in the community around here more. Social anxiety is a fuck 🙃

26 january 2018

been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. mostly stipes radio. they do good shit over there. https://stipes.co

13 december 2017

I see there's a new release of Mastodon with an RC available. I kinda feel like starting my old instance back up but on the other hand running my own instance means I feel compelled to actually use it frequently which exposes me to more of the toxic bs that caused me to leave in the first place.

09 december 2017

Gopher support in my feels? more likely than you'd think!

21 november 2017

Two days into the week and I'm already at 3.25 hours overtime. Thanksgiving week is retail hell. I am absolutely exhausted

19 september 2017

Hello World!

Just playing around with tilde right now when i should be working on moving my gitlab instance