hi, i'm skiilaa.

i make programming stuff. lately i've been into Switch hacking.

here are my projects.

i made this little space where i can put up my project and not spend 2 hours messing with responsive pages and CSS.

enjoy all the unpolishedness of this site that could technically just be a <pre> tag.


rocontrol is a GUI for fusée gelée. GitHub


ii is a simple function that retreives an amiibo's AppID. This function was originally used in ami2 and amibac. GitHub

fusée légère

fusée légère is a smart checklist/setup script for fusée-launcher. GitHub

fusée à la framboise

fusée à la framboise is a portable RPi Fusée Gelée rig. It's a fork of pi-gen. GitHub


ami2 is a simple amiibo duplicator. GitHub


moonflower is a fuse and GPIO dumper for the Switch, to be used with fusée gelée. GitHub


amibac is an amiibo backup homebrew. GitHub