The ~ Town : a return to internet innocence!

What follows is a 30-second simulacrum of my very first "home page". Honest. It has been lightly redacted for no particular reason. Most of the links are broken, of course.
We had never heard of a <style> tag. XML was barely a twinkle in Satan's eye. But <address> and XBM files seemed like promising technologies!

[Picture of T0]T0

I'm a graduate student in the MIT EECS department working in the Concurrent VLSI Architecture (CVA) group.

I eat, take public transportation, and TA 6.033 (and since the MIT http server is known to be erratic, you can get to the 6.033 pages through another server).

My garden of pointers is sporadically tended. It has become somewhat littered with commentary and diatribe.

I have no futher comment at this time.

[this long, thin line]

MIT AI Lab, Room 666
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 253-7710
FAX: (617) 253-5060