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About Me:

Hello people of Tilde.Town, I am TheDigitalScorcerer. I joined on the 1st of March 2019 (Not too long ago).

I mostly like to code programs in Python, but I also know small amounts of Ruby and C#, and for web development I generally use PHP.

Why do I end up regretting everything I do and don't do?

It was almost exactly seven hours ago now (now is 10:13pm (AWST*) (27/7/2019)), but still... I still regret everything. Awkward moments. I need to talk. Maybe someone who knows will see this? I doubt it. I'm being too dramatic about this. It was really nothing. Just me being me. But seriously, do any of you do the same? You know even after what I said just now I felt less alone after that. I... can't really explain why though. I don't know. This is getting a bit long now. If you understand, you understand. If not, well I have other things to do (like sleep for one).

*I guarantee you have no idea where that is, but it's the same time zone as Singapore and Beijing if that helps.

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