what's up i'm toffee!

follow me on mastodon if youre awesome, i'm always happy to talk!

i develop web applications and software, im studying machine learning and other stuff. i'm currently only in a-levels so i'm not that smart but im trying. some of the stuff i've made is on my Github!

micro life-story:
i'm a little late to the party with computing! i'm only just doing my a-levels and i'm 20, because after GCSEs i took about 3 years out to decide what i wanted to do. before this, i wanted to be an illustrator. i know right? i'm not all that passionate about drawing anymore, and i found my footing in the realm of programming! while almost crying due to boredom in my business admin apprenticeship i was taking, i had the idea to make my own version of twitter. so i did that. and it owned ass. and i wanted to do stuff like that for the rest of my life. so i did, and still do. i got a job in server-side programming, doing a ton of frontend work too for an agency, and it was the best experience i've ever had. taking time off (while still doing a few low-level jobs to earn money for food) to know what i wanted to do has been the most beneficial thing i've ever done, so if you think you need to do that, i recommend it! anyway yeah now i'm here, studying in preparation to go to university and maybe study artificial intelligence because it makes me sound cool.

what i like:
i really love...cyberpunk stuff? is that the word for it? idk but i absolutely love toying around with really old or different tech. a bit of this is because when i was a child i'd hack together functioning computers out of broken ones that my father collected from friends in his shed. i hacked an old arcade cabinet back to life too! it was fun, played a lotta sonic the hedgehog. i just love tech and maths a whole freaking bunch. i've grown to like theory stuff rather than the sorta "soldering PCBs together or some shit" side of tech.

what i do:
i play guitar a lot, i love really small and thoughtful games. would love to actually make one someday. i sometimes make art, i post that more on twitter.