Welcome to the Kara dot Zone


As of this writing, I'm 39 years old. I grew up in Texas, but eventually left due to the state not really fitting me at all. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2018, and am immeasurably happier here.

I make music, primarily in the queer indie jangle pop band I started, The Crystal Furs. I write many of the songs, and play keyboards (mostly my vintage combo organs), and do backing vocals. I also handle most of our art design and photography. We write songs about anxiety, architecture, and lesbians. We're also dabbling a bit in a synthpop side project, and I'm also learning chiptune.

Photography is another passion of mine, and I share things over on my Flickr. I shoot digital with either a Fujifilm X-T4 or a Ricoh GRII, depending on my mood, and do film with a Pentax MX, Olympus XA2, and FED-2.

I love games, though I hesitate to call myself a "gamer." I primarily love character-centric RPGs, visual novels, dating sims, and other narrative-heavy, character-centric games, though sometimes I branch out to other genres. As of this writing in September 2021, I'm currently playing Fallout 76, Life is Strange: True Colors, Boyfriend Dungeon, No Man's Sky, and Lake. My primary gaming platform is my Xbox Series X, and I also do some PC gaming if I can't get ahold of something on the Xbox.

For money in the capitalist hellscape, I work in tech currently. Previously, I was a writer for an alt-weekly newspaper in Texas, covering urban planning, transit, bikes, and architecture. I also previously ran my own site about those topics for about 12 years, and spent about 2 years running an independent news blog.

I live with my partner of many years and our three cats. I love cats, and if you get me started about it, I will not shut up about it.

Photos of Me