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My name, is "Trenton Duane Matthews," December 17th, 1984 "blind" indevisual, who enjoys technology and music as a passion in life.

Linux Background

Since 2003, I have been fascinated at the "power" of GNU/Linux, though I never tried actually running it on a machine myself, tilo 2007, the year when Ubuntu 7.0.4 came out. Sadly, that failed do to Orca not working right til you installed the operating system, which required sighted assistance at the time. When Ubuntu 7.10 came out a few months later, Orca finally spoke "most" things on the CD, though the installer still had speech hickups, if it spoke at all. Skipping on over to 2010, when Ubuntu 10.04 was released, I finally "installed" a GNU/Linux distro, in to a "Virtual Machine." My what a lovely day that was! That distro by the way, is called Vinux

Since then, with now being 2014 as I write this intro, I hope to get away from Windows for good, and go "completely!" GNU/Linux, assuming I don't need Windows for something? :) A GNU/Linux called Sonar , also has entered the seen, based on MAnjaro. BTW, both Vinux and Sonar have a nice following among the GNU/Linux blind community, and some with the sighted too.

Music Background

Though I have an "African Jimbae" drum I own, I "must" get back in to playing it more! I've been drumming/beat boxing, ever sine I was born, including breaking my mother's glass oven when I was Four. I also love "remixing" different sogs, and finding remixes or "rare" demos/versions from others. I truly do not sing much, though one day I may sing in front of a crowd, like I use to back in the days of K-12 school.

Other Interests

Helpping people with tech problems, or any other kind if they'll let me, enjoy text adventure games such as Eamon , and reading "Choose Your Own" adventure stories, which come in "many!" different styles.

Further Discovery

More to come from my "personal" home here, though in the mean time, have a look at The Town Of Sunlight , where "Sunlight" is the other name I go by a lot of the time on the web, (IRC included!) :) You can also visit my home Underground , thanks to Gophper , a "modern" and "open-source" Gopher HTTP proxy. Contact info for me can be found there, which I'll add it here too at some point in time.

Thanks for stopping by, please check back here soon for more!