I'm tsui, taken from the kanji 終. Don't pay too much mind to what it means, i picked it because i liked how it sounded (and the meaning of the word was not too weird).

I sometimes post on my fediverse account: @tsui@mastodon.sdf.org

You are very welcome to mail me to my username at sdf.org

or to tsui at tilde.town if you're a member!


Random things that i'm doing at the moment.

uh... so i guess i have two blogs now? Microblog? Isn't this what fediverse is for?

Cleaning water is hard!

I wonder why

I like browsing fedi, from time to time, but it seems i don't like posting there for some reason.

Oh, cafe de touhou is pretty nice. I had never taken the time to listen to the albums. I want to play touhou... but at the same time i don't want to play games agghhh.

Well, i have finally got rid of most of the causes that made using tramp a pain.

It was mostly because of version control functions. Once i disabled them when on remotes, things started going as well as when using emacs vanilla. The time spent opening files is now mostly due to latency, just a few centiseconds due to my configurations and packages installed.

In any case, i've concluded that using emacs' version control tools on remotes is not my idea of a comfortable experience, at least on high-latency low-bandwith connections such as the one i'm using right now. If i had access to a better connection i feel it would not be a problem. But if just want to edit small or medium-sized files on my current shitty connection, tramp is now up for the task.

This line was written through tramp on emacs

The reason i had never used tramp before was because i was too damn lazy to find out the reason it was hanging and crashing my whole emacs session. I'm in the middle of bisecting the config, and it seems it's already running almost at the same speed as if i were using emacs -q, that is, without an init file.

Now, time to find the culprit among us.

There are 20 suspects