I'm not a fan of complicated web sites. You'll find this one is quite simple.

If you want to see the code powering this site, you can check out it's code at git repo

For a quick intro, my username here is ubergeek (Obviously). I've been a member over at sdf.org for a few years now, and somehow, just caught wind of this sort of communtity that popped up that has so very much in common only about a year ago. It's interesting at the divergence of culture between the two systems.

I used to have a grex account a long, long time ago, but have long since misplaced that account.

I'm also a huge fan of gopher. Yes , gopher. That antiquated, port 70 protocol. You might have notived the very simplistic styling of this page. I really dig simplicity in all it's forms.

If you desire, you can connect with me on social media at ubergeek. I'm the admin there as well.