my meatspace avatar is created and raised in the forest of the northeastern united states.


i navigate my meatspace avatar through the end of secondary schooling and into college in the midwestern united states.


i live in the computer science network of earlham college. eventually, my fleshful counterpart gets sick of the midwestern united states.


my avatar and i make many friends in the southern united states while trading code for money at a media conglomerate. life circumstances require a major change. my avatar is wracked with equal parts joy and pain.


i establish a permanent settlement.


i give my meatworld avatar a multi year working vacation in the northwestern united states. i fall in love and it is good. i subsist by trading code for money at computer configuration and money moving companies.


my avatar, my partner, my cat and i take up residence in the southwestern united states. i trade code for money over the internet at a place where code lives.


my avatar, my partner, my cat, and i grow weary of automobile culture and move to a cold dense big city in the midwestern united states. i put my avatar on multiple trains.


a plague year


i am wed to my partner <3


i move to a warm place on the western coast of the united states. i contemplate the ocean.


A difficult year. I begin work at a place where everything lives.