i cry at most movies, really any scene with emotional weight, even if it is a shallow film about explosions. i am sensitive to other people and strong emotions. i experience anxiety and depression and wish i didn't. i grew up poor and get angry at the rich even though i am one of them now. i have been intoxicated by computers since i was a small child. i saw many strange and dark and beautiful things in the forest where i grew up. i have made some bad decisions but my life has turned out very well. i am more positive now than ever. i have amazing friends. i try to empathize with every other living thing but sometimes it's hard. i struggle with leaving the house sometimes. i have a panic disorder. i have developed a hobby around physical security. i mostly resent philosophy and theory but i haven't always felt that way. i love to drive but only in rural areas. i like the ocean. i like graveyards. i like friends. i make noise music. i have hurt myself on purpose but usually out of love. i am in love. i was deemed to be a boy when i was born. i wanted to be a girl when i was young. i didn't know who i was for a long time. i am an online entity. i have experienced personal and family trauma. i have a life outlook best summaraized by jenny holzer quotes. i believe in hedonism. i believe in empathy. i do not like venture capitalism. i like to travel but i struggle with the logistics of travel i have siblings. i am loved by my parents. i like abadoned buildings. i appreciate honesty. i accept, but do not relish, violence. i have experienced sexual abuse. i have experienced mental abuse. i have crashed a car, but only once. i strive to be helpful. i used to hate myself. i love myself. i am soothed by writing. i habitually facilitate community. i enjoy books. i shoot firearms as a recreational hobby. i love video games. i enjoy excess. i am a maximalist but i would like to be a minimalist. i care about fashion. i purchase clothing recreationally. i make visual art. i struggle to care for plants. i am married. i find biological reproduction selfish. i selfishly never want to rear a child. i enjoy role playing games. i love my parents. i love my siblings. i am my siblings. i am my parents. i like riding bikes. i believe in wearing bike helmets. i enjoy reading about history. i don't expect much of humans. i endeavor to be kind to animals. i consume news media. i have vivid dreams. i know very little about sports. i enjoy eating sichuan food more than any other kind of food. i cook food. i love video cassettes. i have a modest collection of music on vinyl. i am learning to appreciate negative space. i wear black, mostly. i use linux. i have several netbooks. i find tarot cards helpful but i do not believe in the supernatural. i value i statements. i enjoy tea. i enjoy whiskey. i enjoy wine. i have had problems with drinking. i have had surgery but never anything major. i have a liberal arts degree. i am learning how to manipulate hardware. i would like to be more handy. i am out of shape. i love cats. i love, but am overwhelmed by, dogs. i can be hostile toward religion sometimes. i adore snakes. i am often morbid. i love seeing movies in the theater. i own more books than anything else. i can be saccharine. i fear the ocean. i am often too trusting. i appreciate the concept of pornography but find the vast majority of pornography harmful. i have written poetry. i care more about computers in the context of art and emotion than business or technological advancement. i appreciate science. i play games as female charcters if given the choice between male and female characters. i skateboard as a means of transportation. i have a hard time yelling. i like logic puzzles. i have an ancestor that published a long poem about the american centennial. i hate the internet. i love the internet.