Oh, hey! Welcome to my profile!

My name is Timothé MALAHIEUDE. I am 23 years old and I live in Paris, France.
I am currently working in Snapcar (a taxi company close to Uber) as a full-stack developer.

I am a passionate of computer science and programming. (The main reason why I'm here 😏)
I have discovered programming when I was 13 years old. Since then, it has become a hobby for me. Whenever I have time, I open my computer and I start coding.
I am amazed by this. It's just magic, you tell anything to your computer, and it does it for you! It implies there are no limitations, if you put enough time on it, you can code anything.
This endlessness of possibilities motivated me very early. One of my first projects was a Mario Kart game on browser. Yes, it was a big project for the beginner I was, but I was so motivated I managed to complete it, and it was a relatively great success! The game is still live today, and hundreds of people are still playing it!

Apart from this project, I did a lot of other developments, mostly websites, mobile apps and video games. You can see all my projects below.

Mario Kart PC
Mario Kart PC

Free Zap Player

Shut-up Alarm

Slime Volley-ball

Keep Boing


En route avec Tom
En route avec Tom

En route avec Tom
En route avec Tom

TBBT Epic Sounds

4 in a mine

Mario Kart PC


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