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2022-01-23 | Recipes and nostalgia

I added a whole trove of new recipes to a few foods. Several of these recipes are ones I collected between roughly 2009 and 2012 in my old gopher burrow. Others are dishes I concocted over the last couple of years. Of the new additions, the recipe I'm most proud of is Walnut-olive spread and Broccoli Hoagies. For the adventurous, there's also a recipe for molasses switchel by Stephen Cresswell, which is better than you would think a molasses and vinegar drink could be.

It's been interesting going back over my old gopher. I haven't been active on SDF in years (judging from dated material, since about 2012,) but it was here I took my first serious stabs at programming, which resulted in germ, a dynamic phlog engine written in Perl, that worked similarly to how blosxom does in the web world by abusing gopher menu information text. I eventually got less interested in Gopher, moved on from Perl to Ruby to Python as my main language, with school-provided side trips through Javascript and PHP, and stopped using SDF. I can't really say why I stopped using it. I was a MetaARPA member for several years, but I ended up drifting away. I just didn't vibe with it any more.

I will probably copy a few things over into my gopher burrow to archive/memorialize a piece of that era in my online life, a lot of it I'll leave behind, especially those freshmen-level community college papers...

2022-01-22 | blogging in raw HTML

This blog, in its current form, is an experiment in minimalism. No dynamic CMS. No static site generator and page templates. Not even seperate posts. Just one HTML file, edited by hand.

CMSes and static site generators certainly have their benefits, but I wanted to get this page up and live with minimal fuss and no configuration, so back I went to hand-crafting everything. So far, so good. We'll see how I feel down the road.

2022-01-20 | this is where the blog lives

I enjoy, the podcast Listen to Sassy from whence this blog's title comes from and Mystery Science Theater 3000, from whence this post's title comes, specifically, Touch of Satan.