I'm a father, husband, software engineer, and secular buddhist.

You can find more over at my website: 0x4464.github.io

Feel free to shoot me a DM on Mastodon if you want to get in touch.

For private communications you can add me on XMPP at 0x4464@404.city, reach out via Keybase Chat, or send me a PGP encrypted email to 0x4464(at)protonmail.com.


Website 0x4464.github.io
Website (tor) x4464px2md6pwk4v.onion
Mastodon @0x4464@tiny.tilde.website
Keybase keybase.io/0x4464
Github github.com/0x4464
PGP DDFE FA65 2466 206A 8145 D639 2543 1DA0 BF80 9063
XMPP 0x4464@404.city


My ~town related projects

A bot that scrapes links and images from the ~town IRC and displays them on a page

Tilde browser
A page that allows you to click through all of the ~town users, as well as view a random one

A mastodon bot that toots out a random ~town user each day

~town ^[a-z]{1}[0-9]*$ club
A list of ~town users with a username that matches the regex ^[a-z]{1}[0-9]*$

~town default users counts
A count of ~town users with a default index.html page

~town default users list
A list of ~town users with a default index.html page

~town username length statistics
Some facts such as average, min, max, etc for ~town username lengths


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