~xat's homepage

Hi there, welcome to my home page on tilde.town. I've moved around a bit over the last few years, but I hope to settle here for at least the near future. Sites you might (but probably don't) know me from would be https://regist.ra.rs/ (pomf clone), https://sub.god.jp/ (same clone, different domain), https://ignoram.us.to (redtexts mirror, should now link to this site), https://twitter.com/xatasan.

I develop software and maintain archives (see redtexts below) under the pseudonm of Xatasan or xat for short. There is no special story behind this name, it was randomly generated by python.


Most of this software is de facto abandoned, but I might pick it up again, when I get around to it:


Next to this site, the /rt/ subdirectory hosts a subset of a redtexts mirror. Check it out, even if you don't agree with the positions defended there.

What is redtexts, you might ask yourself? Let this quote from the main site explain the main goal:

This site archives communist documents. These documents are often available elsewhere, but are not always proofread or presented with simple formatting. This site aims to remedy that, at least for a small set of texts.


red texts primarily collects documents from this left communist tradition.

My role in the project has been more on the technical side, updating the scripts and hacks that build the archive and the various documents. But I've also contributed a few texts.


if you want to contact me, use my email address: xatasan (at) firemail (dot) cc. Note that might take a while for me to respond to your email (more than a week probably) but I most certainly will try and answer if there is a need.

Most of my projects should be found on GitHub (for now).