Here I am.
Whoomp, there it is

Blingee is grotesque but oddly comforting. Nostalgic almost.

Tried to find my old Xanga, gone. Nostalgia trip over.
I think nostalgia is the only thing that draws me to the 3DS. I wonder if others feel the same, everything has a child-like feel to it, an escape into younger days. Strange, because I don't have strong links to nintendo or nintendo icons like mario or zelda, yet something about the 3DS makes me feel like a kid and brings me back to my days playing sega genesis in my basement.
I am turning 25 tomorrow and my wife found a grey hair on my head today.
Hence the nostalgia trip.

Birthdays never make me feel good.

Birthdays give me a reason to buy myself something, I bought Bravely Default. Quarter life crisis?

Spent my birthday at home, sick, sleeping, and playing Bravely Default, not really a fun time. Stayed in for dinner and watched some TV before going to bed around 8.

The greatest part of video games for me is experiencing wonder. It is increasingly hard for me to find this in games. Two games that gave me the biggest sense of wonder are Morrowind and Minecraft. I can still go back and play Morrowind and relish in the Nostalgia and wonder while still experienceing new things in the game, but not so in Minecraft. Minecraft was an interesting experience for me because I didn't know anything about it when I bought it. The game was still pre-popularity-explosion, and I only played single player making the experience wonderfully personal. Exploring a vast world full of unknowns and building a home was an incredible feeling. The same goes for Morrowind, and now that I think about it, all games that stunned me, I knew nothing about them before playing. I think the increasingly social aspect of gaming has ruined surprises and wonder.

Stand Up. there you go.
You were dreaming. What's your name?

The Nerevarine.

Wander rolling hills.
Picking flowers, plucking thorns.
Shit, a cliff racer.

Bitter coast,
Bitter crabs, belly up,
Happy Elf.

Music fades,
War drums rolling in,
You N'Wah!

Gray sky on the lake,
Foggy Fall in Michigan,
Thoughts of Morrowind.

Please don't lecture me,
About proper haiku form,
You ass.

If I could drink honey wine and play Morrowind for a month that'd be great.

Maybe I'd play a little Overwatch too.

Lone pig, just in time,
Here's to a quick death, Cheers love.
The Cavalry's Here.

Dust wrought silhouette,
Breathing deep with amber life,
Roadhog rides again.


Fish out of water,
Writhing up inclimate streets,
Pedal to safety.

ArtPrize 2016


Rising Storm 2 beta, yiiisssssss.

It's finally winter here in Michigan.

march (it has been a while)

I'm up in the woods,
I'm down on my mind,
I'm building a still,
To slow down time.

February 18

Hello, World

WSDL while you work. Then quit your job.

I will be recording my dreams. New and old.

May 18

I have fulfilled my dream of owning a motorcycle. 1992 Honda CB750. Many adventures to come!

new dog, new bike, good year

Nov 18

Starting to cut out two bad habits, snacking and coffee.
Going from drinking coffee all day, every day, to one or two cups in the morning is hard.
Going from eating whatever I want to a limited amount of calories is hard.
I think it will be worth it.