11.07.2021 23:30
	i've been trying to learn the unicyle recently.
	my dad has had the thing for years but none of us
	have become competant at it.

	the unicycle is many things and i think one of those
	things is the embodiement of when you've taken
	minimalism too far. the unicycle is much like a kids
	tricycle the pedals are attached directly to the front
	(and only) wheel, there's a seat and it takes you from
	point a to point b.
	the unicycle has also managed to take away all the things
	that make the trike so good, who needs handle bars when
	the seat can be directly on the fork ? who needs 3 wheels
	when you can have just one ? why steer with moving parts
	when you can steer with your body ? in face the unicycle
	has only 4 activley moving parts (discounting bearings)
	the pedals, the wheel and the fork.


		20:18  always looked fairly open to me, humans seem to be gur ones keeping secretes