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irc has a local irc server! please abide by the code of conduct, and contact a moderator if you have problems. volunteer moderators are designated as ops in the main channel (they'll have an '@' in front of their name)

the chat command will automatically start a weechat session and connect to the server. you can also use irssi.

irc channels

a non-exhaustive list of channels on the town irc server

tildeverse irc

~town is also part of a wider network of tildes: the network is run by member nodes (currently ~town,, and and exists as a place to share and collaborate with other tilde members.

to connect, you can use the configuration settings on the site and connect with those credentials.

or, you can follow these steps to connect through the ~town node:

in chat (which is weechat btw):

/server add tildeverse
/connect tildeverse

connecting through the town node grants you access to the town-only channel #town. besides the other local channels on each member node, all other channels are shared across tildes and will be visible to other tilde members. has the same expectations of culture and sharing and kindness as the internal irc chat. come share the love :)

irc bots

see the irc bots wiki page for more information about bots.

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