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botany over IRC

~eeeeeta wrote a script that lets you control your botany plant over IRC!


You may wish to back up your botany data before using this script. ~eeeeeta doesn't think it does anything bad, but they don't know how python works, so it's probably better to be safe. To do so, run:

$ cp -rv ~/.botany ~/.botany.bak

You can then move the ~/.botany.bak folder back to its original place if things go south.

usage instructions

To use the script, run:

$ ~eeeeeta/botanyirc.sh localhost OWNER BOTNICK

Replace OWNER with your IRC nickname, and BOTNICK with the IRC nickname you want the bot to use. If all goes well, you will then receive some /NOTICEs on IRC from the bot, showing you your plant's status in much the same way as regular botany. Here's an example of what the bot's output looks like:

12:06 -- etabotany: ---  botany  ---
12:06 -- etabotany: commands: water, look, garden, visit, instructions, exit
12:06 -- etabotany: plant: young jade plant
12:06 -- etabotany: score: 545750
12:06 -- etabotany: water ())))))))))) 99% 
12:06 -- etabotany:           .    ,
12:06 -- etabotany:           o%O %,o
12:06 -- etabotany:            \%o'
12:06 -- etabotany: .  , _ . ., l, _ ., _ .
12:06 -- etabotany:   ^      '        `    '

To control the plant, simply reply with one of the commands that the bot offers you. Please note that the garden and visit commands are yet to be implemented.

Feel free to yell at ~eeeeeta over IRC/alpine/whatever if you have questions!

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