I'm forgetting what everyone's mouth looks like Do people have teeth any more? I can't remember I for one have been grinding mine down to polished stones My mouth sparkles now when I smile not that You could see it The mask, remember? "They didn't know who I was before ..." And all that nonsense

Once a coworker removed hers to take a drink Of something, probably a cola I think it was, it had A logo on the side and all, and a straw was in its lid I was surprised, I had forgotten she had a nose Maybe it was had gone away, the father of us all grabbing it Between his thumb and forefinger, secreting it behind His back I remember a boy With a yellow plastic poncho stealing my nose, he was older

But I played along with him because I liked him and he me He always said he was a duck and was excited when I told him My last name, it was an omen for him, a sign of something Bigger than the both of us, and I think I agree Since then I've had an affinity for ducks, their business walks, Their loud and hoarse calls beckoning the lakes rise up To meet them their reflections Riding the backs of the waves betraying nothing of underneath

Somehow they can sense or see or smell or tell The fish that swim beneath -- do ducks eat fish? -- Am I making this up as I go? Of course I am, what Else would I be doing? Will I continue asking Questions? Would I be anyone if I didn't? There comes a time when questions end And silence falls, and thinking settles in

So Fish and birds and boys From the mouths Of babes, so they say, our mouths sing out The algae On the pond obscures its depths The sky becomes A mirror. Look into it and see the deadness in Your eyes black pools themselves The void you stare into is your own self

Uh where were we where were we going as we walked Down this long road of life toward an uncertain Future the mountains in the distance gray and Uninviting the clouds over them flashing sometimes With lightning or something more sinister even Exit Stage Left said whoever does it matter I'm losing steam and I'm not even Halfway to the finish of the thing that I've set out

To do I've got to bloop the scoop The billabong and scrape away To swain, to swoon, to fall and noop and Fraer the skeed, the tome to day The wioup and barn and skiddle tree And Friday Farmers From the Farm All swan, and poit the yardle dard but Rolly under Portal vram ried A hundred hours won't be enough to hide it

A shadow falls, the sunlight fades A hundred hours, maybe more The users and the borograbes Are cold and don't know where to go

I'm trying hard not to have writ About my writing, but now have It's where all of my poems flit Or fly toward Death, or else they give

Another theme, like God or words Or (really old ones) poorly made Rhymes on lines that end in no Particular spot: lemonade

Lemonade, lemonade lemonade lemon- Ade, lemonade, lemon, aid, aide, Le mon aide, lem, on aid, lemon Aid, lemonade lemonade lemonade lem

Stradovus grabovus oof lol bragivus One two three and four hundred fifty Great knees, great salt, devries, diamond Gold Silver Lapis Lapidary Vibing dollar

a ba ca da ea fa ga ha ia ja ka la ma na oa pa qa ra sa ta ua va wa xa ya za aa One hundred Ten Thousand One Million

Am I Gertrude Stein Yet? Am I Stertrude Gein Yet? Have You Read To Here Yet? Have You? Have You? Bet.

My dreams are not super whatever I said to the man on the plane's wing Wind whistled past a gloomy tune I couldn't hear him over it he was

Over the wing over the plane on the Sea on the log on the bump on the bottom Of the log with the frong and the mirror The mirror the mirror the echo the mirror Mirror light laser beam look mira mira Bleed on the glass blooms a rose grew from concrete Or something I can't remember wasn't listening Wasn't paying attention anyway watching the counter Click by the taxicab of life ferrying us over And over and yes, again over the wheel The catherine wheel catherine cathy what was it she Said Rats? Scats? Bats? Gnats? Slap The fat, render the scat, drink the cat blood Under your mat a bad rap Okay okay okay okay, ohana means family

And family means family beans family family Strains to come together to mean anything There is no me or you or they or he or she or us Anymore only the family only the blood only The covenant only the sheep only the glistening The Battlefield stench rising to the sky the Moon red as blood of fallen soldiers presiding Over the mass thick with smoke with viscera With dripping fat rendering again and again and Still under it all the earth turning in hate

Solid hate black as dirt Black black as space stretching into the core Of the world of the sea of the sand of the Wizard's heart yawning a maw of a mass of A hole of meat of death of doom Beating heart thrumming its drum in the dark Too many flies to kill them all Too many demons to exercise Their mouths yawn open filled with pus and Bile and boiling over with maggots

Mask them muzzle them put them away Find them again another day Disease Disease don't look in the mirror and say Its name Three times