I think the skies in Louisiana are maybe the prettiest I've ever seen. Phoenix's sunsets are beautiful as well, but for the rest of the day the skies are just a pale blue, which isn't that interesting. But here, they're a dynamic canvas: clouds move and morph with the fluidity of emotion, breezes play with each other like waves in a surf, the blue backdrop is somehow deeper, a richer tapestry. Plus it's not quite as hot as in Phoenix, though it still does get quite hot, and the people are more ... so.

I'm not sure how else to put it.

The one thing I miss in this state is the mountains from back home. I would give anything for them; they are an indelible part of me and my very being aches with loss every time I go home and see them again and am reminded how they are.

I wonder, sometimes, about my childrens' relationships with the land. If they grow up here, and move to the mountains, will they miss the lowlands of their youth?

How strange they will be to me then. And how strange will I be to them.