Oregano is best on italian cuisine. The green offsets the tomato sauce (I can hear the shouting: Italians don't only use tomato sauce!). It can be pronounced with an egg in the middle or so that it rhymes with guano. Your choice.

Every time I think of oregano I think of my ex. She wrote a poem about her dying English grandfather, how he said oregano with the long, guano A. There was a picture attached to it, he was looking through a donut. No oregano in sight. Not even a plate of spaghetti in the photo, just him, the nurse, the donut, the machines. That's why I left her.

Except that's not why I left, not really. In fact, she left me, if I'm being honest. There are times I wish I could get that time back, if I'm being more honest. I suspect she feels that way about her grandfather.

Or I don't want the time back, but it sits there in the back of my mind. Menacingly, maybe. Maybe just bored. It's got nothing better to do.