I have a couple of plants. I'm generally not great at keeping them alive, but these are the ones that haven't died on me yet.


Money tree

A money tree.
Our money tree was a gift from a friend, I think, or my aunt or something. It's easy to take care of (only needing one ice cube a week), but I still do a bad job.


A very small aloe plant in an earthenware pot.
Our friend gave us this aloe clipping after we killed the aloe plant we inherited when we moved into our house a few years ago. (That was a beautful plant. I still feel bad about it.) This little one wasn't doing great until we brought it inside. Now it lives next to the sink and seems to be pretty happy.

Ginger plants

Two ginger plants in separate pots, outside.
These two ginger plants have been outside for quite some time now. I think since around March 2020. The taller one on the left is an ornamental ginger my wife's coworker gave us. The smaller one on the right is just ginger from the store I planted. I haven't done anything to either one of them, but they're doing quite well. I think Louisiana's climate is very friendly to these plants.