this is a tiny html page. i'm trying to make a page that's as small as possible while still looking pretty nice. so i got rid of a header and used the title. and i styled the title so it looks like a header. another rule is, it can't show any errors in developer tools. so i have to include a <meta charset=utf-8> tag, i'm pretty sure. just tested it – chrome doesn't have a problem with no charset, but firefox does. removing the meta tag saves 20 bytes, so screw it. let's take it out (can you tell i am thinking this through as i type it?).

i also have to display everything as block so it'll just look like this. but i think that's okay.

as of right now, this page uses 151142137116140 36(link) + 84(sheet,minimized) = 120 bytes, minus the content. i think that's pretty good. - as you can see, the size had been getting smaller and smaller until the second to last one, where it went up to 140. i did that for readability: since everything is display:block, it's hard to tell where paragraphs start. so i added a pilcrow (¶) to the start of each paragraph. - i also moved the style to a separate sheet and linked it here, which apparently saves space

another great property i just noticed: the <style> tag at the top of the page is all aligned with itself, which is also great. not that you can see it, of course. i thought about displaying it, but that messes up the great alignment thing, and that's the whole reason why it's great. you can always view-source, if that's your deal. the style no longer lines up with itself. it kind of sucks, but i'm trying to strike a balance between good and not as good.

another thing you can do is make the size whatever you'd like. it'll look good no matter what! [return]