who am i?

I'm a writer, photographer, and musician from Texas. I've primarily written a lot of nonfiction pieces about architecture, urban desig n, transit, and bikes, but I'm branching out a bit - even into fiction.

what does "atomic glee" mean?

Hell, I don't know. I used it a long time ago and I'm using it again now. It had a kind of vague mid-century/atomic age verve to it in my head, I think, and it's just kind of stuck around since then.

what are some other things you enjoy, besides the above and whatever this is?

I like to read - in particular, science fiction. And, well, I'm a sci-fi fan in other forms of media, too.

I enjoy traveling, but not flying. I like to go to interesting, walkable cities and explore. I enjoy train travel, which is...an issue he re in the United States. I'm also happy to take long road trips.

I also play some games (but I'm not really a "gamer" in the sense it's usually used) - I am big into BioWare's RPGs, the Mass Effect< /em> series in particular, as well as Fallout and any small indie games with interesting stories and characters representing people who aren 't the usual gaming protagonist (I loved Gone Home and Firewatch and I'm currently playing Life is Strange and Oxenfree).

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