Electric Unicycle

I rode an electric unicycle for the first time today! It’s really cool. One of the employees at our local bike shop rides one, and since he let me try it I got the opportunity to play on a top of the line model; a King Song 18 XL.

While the left and right balance is just about the same as a normal unicycle, the forward-backward balance autocorrects, which is a bizzare thing to experience. Pushing your toes forward/down adds speed, leaning back slows you down, though apparently you can also ride backwards (not that I tried). So it’s very intuitive, if still somewhat challenging. I didn’t get anywhere near up to speed on the thing; it can go up to 30 mph, and our friend rides wearing full protective gear (think motorcycle, with full face shield). I must say though, the little bit of low speed riding on the empty street behind the store was an absolute blast. Now, I don’t expect to be purchasing one anytime soon, as I’m not in the market for a new hobby and despite it’s capability to go as far as 70 miles on one charge I just can’t see myself choosing to double my already hour long commute. I would definitely say that it’s an experience worth having if presented, and if I worked closer to home, I might be tempted to go ahead and save up for this example of one of the weirder ways to get around town.

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So, at some point in 2018 I realized I was just.. done with the companies that were mining for my information, and selling it off to anyone who wanted it. I found the practices of Facebook, and to a lesser extent Google, just repulsive. At the same time.. SO much of my life was wrapped up in these services. I knew it was not going to be easy to get out.

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Here we go:) typing thison my new AlphaSmart 3000. It feels just like typing on any early computer. This one’ s got a wonky space key, but I may be able to fix that… and about a minute of poking at it and I managed to get it sorted out. The keyboard has a thuddy feel to it that I actually quite like.Is taking me a moment to get used to having only a backspace key and no delete button.

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This is a quick Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends from forever. Bethany has been a friend since middle school and we quickly declared ourselves sisters and other halves. I’ll forever have fond memories of us walking home from school, endless hours each lying on a couch in my or her living room while reading books, getting ready for school dances, going on late night runs to walmart in full cosplay costume, and the many many more shenanigans we’ve gotten up to over the years.

We never got me riding at the barn she rode at because I continually forgot to get a letter from my mother oking it. We never tallyed up who had spent more on the ice cream, fast food, or other shenanigans we covered for each other because we decided it’d all even out in the end. We stayed friends through distance and drama, and each supported each other in finding what we wanted to do in our lives.

I was honoured to be fire safety for her recently as she and her wife April had their wedding dresses set aflame, still wearing them as part of their wedding. And her having introduced me to April several years prior definitely set me on the path into circus, for which I will always be grateful.

Come and read on my couch anytime Beferny,

with love


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How'd I get here?

Oh goodness, I’m typing in vim. What has even happened? I’ve been playing in the shell and falling in love with it is what! The experience of learning some command line basics is just a blast, though admittely is a bit of a learning curve. I credit Russ for getting me interested in learning any of it in the first place. My journey there basically started when I asked him for help with my computer, because he was the only friend that I knew knew more about computers than I did.

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First Post! I’m sooo tempted to simply leave it at that and walk away from this post, but that’s probably because actually committing to this project scares me. I’ve made the decision to “blog” before, and started various projects only to drop them after 3 posts or so. I’ll obsess about wanting it to look perfect, and so will never actually get it up and running, which is just silly.

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