10 february 2021

A colleague was reminiscing about the days of public_html directories and it reminded me to come back on here.

04 february 2020

Haven't been here in a while. Hi.

28 march 2019

Started going off my meds on Tuesday. Some of the side-effects are getting better and my mood is still ok

12 november 2018

I've taken a social media break: have been off Twitter for about six months but last week I found that Mastodon and Facebook were being just as bad for my mood. Not so much the content as the constant cycle of posting, checking, following up. I was about to type 'dopamine cycle' but I'm trying to avoid that sort of thinking, because it reduces us to banks of neurotransmitters which the social media companies and the corporations behind the ads play like puppets. I think the realit is messier and not necessarily more pleasant than that. It's an example of a common pattern, the use of opaque jargon to reduce a social reality to a pat phrase. If you are like me, ie not a biochemist or neurologist, "dopamine" denotes nothing, it's just a label which says "this aspect of behaviour can be reduced to chemistry and can be bracketed as such".

15 july 2018

I have too many blogs: I want to start them all up but they seem to be all over the place in terms of theme.

Nannygoat Hill is my oldest, a personal blog which is more than ten years old.

mikelynch.org is a domain I got a couple of years ago, and I blog there about technical stuff, mostly generative art projects, sometimes about programming language theory and the philosophy of coding.

Since I got off Twitter, about three months ago, I've had the sense that my online persona is shifting, or that it was pretty chaotic to begin with.

03 july 2018

I'm going to start blogging daily again -- which I did for a couple of years, a decade ago. I think this is a substitute for Twitter, which I have been away from for I think three months now.

For now I'm doing it on my old blog, Nannygoat Hill, but I might move it here in future.

06 june 2018

That feel when you slog all week getting some software ready for a demo at an international conference, and then one of the other devs breaks the server overnight.

01 june 2018

Spent all week fighting with Angular to get an app ready for my boss's workshop at a conference next (Australian) Tuesday and I am wrecked.

25 may 2018

A couple of nights ago I had a dream in which I was taking my son to primary school (he's eighteen now: it was one of those parental nostalgia dreams) and I remembered that I needed to water the seedling in the little botany game here.

So I scratched around in a dirty part of the playground and buried in the clay was a Raspberry Pi which (I just knew, somehow, as we do in dreams) was where tilde.town was hosted. But I didn't have a keyboard with me, so I couldn't log in and water my seedling.

23 may 2018

I was very sick last week, I'm a bit better now.

15 may 2018

Last week everyone seemed to have the same viral cold, the sort which makes everyone cranky and low-energy. On Monday evening I realised that I had recovered from it, all of a sudden. Which is unusual for me and colds, normally it happens so gradually that I don't notice it.

I'm on a Twitter break and have a bunch of my usual web hangouts being blocked by a Firefox extension. It's making me more introspective than usual.

08 may 2018

Home sick this week: have been trying unsuccessfully to limit my screen time. Why doesn't Netflix have a category called "Undemanding Shows"

04 may 2018

Set up my tilde.town account yesterday. This place feels pretty good.