hey, it's a web log

just a bunch of scribbles.

26 January 2024

Today I learned how to use tmux instead of screen. :)

17 January 2024

Once upon a time it was nice to have a feed. To have a feeding trough of new information from sources I choose. Now, though, I seem to have plenty of food. It's taking the time to marinate it, chew it, digest it, that is becoming harder.

15 January 2024

How to bring more physical groundedness into daily life?

By cultivating daily, weekly, monthly, or lunar rituals, I think. So I am attempting to pull together a list of ritual ideas, perhaps both secular, and then others with religious undertones, inspired by the many beautiful religious traditions, that could be helpful for exploring more groundedness in our physical, spacial worlds.

14 January 2024

This is what's happening now: you are feeling uncertain, unstable, unproductive. At the same time daily life goes on in a fairly stable, open, unobstructed way.

You don't know for sure where you will live next month (but you have time and options, unlike so many. You feel so miserable at the thought of those with with dire housing instability, what trauma, disruption... <3)

Trying to be fairly honest here. It's hard, the internet can be a scary place. Neck feels tight, nearly always. I am feeling afraid of committing, starting projects, getting involved and being unable to follow through. And yet also wanting very much to be involved with meaningful projects. It's a funny place. Trying to explore it and see what to make of it, little by little.

Regarding fears of non-productivity, reminding myself of this:

"Throughout the whole history of science most of the really great discoveries which had ultimately proved to be beneficial to mankind had been made by men and women who were driven not by the desire to be useful but merely the desire to satisfy their curiosity."

11 January 2024

This sweet little ragamuffin has an endearing habit of bringing socks from their home drawer to the hallway, entryway... as some sort of offering? Perhaps they are similarly fuzzy to the more typical offering of a dead mouse? Is she paying tribute to the ones who feed her? Is she trying to ensure that no feet are left cold? I do not know, and may never know, but continue to be delighted by this slight nuisance of an endearing gesture.

10 January 2024

I love this idea, from ~dstn. I have sometimes attempted annual themes to explore over the course of the year, but this has felt a bit long to sustain and I often have many more interests that I wish to pursue in-depth at the same time.

There are other ways I relate to the moon cycles already, marking the full and new moons as I am means they would work well as markers for shifts in my focus of inquiry as well. The main thing will be to keep on track and continue even when distracted by other interests. Setting the intention clearly should help, and giving myself a little wiggle room as I go :)

Thanks again ~dstn for this idea and for posting the new moons this year.

Reposting new moon dates here for personal reference:
01/11, 02/09, 03/10, 04/08, 05/07, 06/06, 07/05, 08/04, 09/02, 10/02, 11/01, 11/30, 12/30

9 January 2024

I don't know where I live or who I am, so I don't think I can make a decision about hemp hearts today. Hemp hearts are a staple of stable life, and without that stability I don't feel like I can commit to a one-pound bag of hemp hearts at this time.

8 January 2024

I feel inspired by ~insom's latest post to one day create a cozier computing set up for smol web things. Right now on a fancy modern machine set up it's convenient enough to browse the smol web and tilde world, but there is so much distraction around it all. It could be nice to have a simpler, fully text-oriented machine that could be a place to go deeper into the text world with less shiny toy distractions. A big old monitor with a raspberry pi and a clackety keyboard. Living in text full-screen, rather than this tiny terminal window off to the side. It feels silly to write down, but in the move toward more single-purpose devices for focus, this feels right, as a way to encourage the cozy intimacy and creativity of this aproductive smol world.

7 January 2024

Why am I running so quickly toward distraction?

6 January 2024

flurries! it's decidedly a soup day. hooray!

5 January 2024

New year, new web log. Here's a new method to try, it came from ~bear. Thanks, ~bear!