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Old media

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Opened my eyes to the rich history of electronic music. Every time I come back to this I'm shocked by how much is in here.

Ever want to relive the magic of browsing with Netscape Navigator on MacOS 8? Browse the internet of the past with machines from the past.

Improbable Research

Real scientific research with comical outcomes.

brutalist websites

Inspiring and strange web designs borrowing from web 1.0 and now.


Collection of cute flash games with amazing design and music. I really enjoyed Winterbells and Pocket Full of Stars.

Home of the Underdogs

I didn't have consoles so I always wanted to find games to play - this site was amazing. Loads of freeware & abandonware.

Collection of text files reclaimed from the early internet.

Collection of ANSI art from early and modern artscene groups.


Litestep is a replacement shell for WINDOWS! I briefly had it installed on my desktop machine in 8th grade during my hax0r phase. Feels in the pixel UI and small fonts.

Pixel Joint

Really nice pixel art gallery. Classic early 00's feel.


Pixel artists building a city together.

Y2K Aesthetic Institute

Powerful collection of early-mid 2000's design. Lots of deep cuts to get that translucent feeling.

Kai Krause's Software

Showcase of Kai Krause's magical UI design.

AOL progz throwback

Recollection of AIM progz. They are my first experience with reverse engineering, backdoors, exploits, and being a good for nothing script kiddie.


ArtMoney was (is?) a memory editor for Windows. You can attach it to a running program and scan/modify the memory occupied by that program. You could use this to "hack" video games by giving yourself more money, freezing your HP at 100% etc. Later on I learned Cheat Engine which is more advanced. From this I got involved in two MMO 'hacking' groups: xe_clan and idproject. I learned a ton about client vs. server-side data, packet sniffing / filtering, IRC, whatever.

The Portal

You can see it when you're on your big mac, when you go for a #2, you feel it when you surf the net, when you whack a mole, when you travel at the speed of 300 miles an hour in a formula 1 car right into the side of a building, yeah!

Tales of the Blode


Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (english patched)

Japanese game similar to zelda dx, just hosting it here for now.

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