Problem Solving and Programing Design in C

Why such an old text?

Of course there have been improvements and updates since this book was written, but the fundamentals are going to be the same. Plus I'm naturaly disposed to retro-ism and nostalgia. And I found this textbook for cheap at the local used bookstore. :)

  1. Overview of Compuers and Programming
    1. Electronic Computers Then and Now
    2. Computer Hardware
    3. Computer Software
    4. The Software Development Methods
    5. Applying the Software Development Method
  2. Overview of C
    1. C Language Elements
    2. Variable Declarations and Data Types
    3. Executable Statements
    4. General Form of a C Program
    5. Arithmetic Expressions
    6. Formatting Numbers in Program Output
    7. Interative Mode, Batch Mode, and Data Files
    8. Common Programming Errors
  3. Top-Down Design with Functions
    1. Building Programs from Existing Information
    2. Library Functions
    3. Top-Down Design and Structure Charts
    4. Functions without Arguments
    5. Functions with Input Arguments
    6. Common Programming Errors
  4. Selection Structures: if and switch Statements
  5. Repetition and Loop Statements
  6. Modular Programming
  7. Simple Data Types
  8. Arrays
  9. Strings
  10. Recursion
  11. Struction and Union Types
  12. Text and Binary File Processing
  13. Programming in the Large
  14. Dynamic Data Structures
  15. On to C++
  16. Appendix