nothing is real

hi im desvox

I'm here to not make sense and to waste my time and occasionally say or do something interesting. Relevant/interesting links are splattered across the top of the page.

I like to consider myself a sort of "fallen dork", I used to dig pretty deep into writing software and playing around with web pages, linux admin, emacs development, running game servers, gaming in general, blah blah blah#!@#$ but I've just sort of lost the passion at some point. I still like to poke at these things when I have nothing better to do and I do at least try not to let all that experience completely atrophy.

town resume:

here have some BULLSHIT

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THe DruGs Of todAys YOuTH hIT HARder THaN ever bEfOre!!! tHose Who are willing TO figHT Back arE hiGhly REcCOmendEd To sPeNd PleNtY Of TiMe gRInDING fOr fUlL BODY ARmor AND FULlY AUTOmAtIc wEaPonrY!!! onLY hIGh LEVElED PlayErs aDvIsED!!!


BATh sALts aRE INcreDibLY DanGeRoUs WhEN yOu GET tOo closE!!! tHEWY wIlL LaSH OUt AT yoU with HigH-leVEL mElee ATTAcKs, ANd havE veRY hIgH DeFEnse aND lUCK STAts!!! Gun tHEM DoWN froM a diSTANCe!!!


HOLY ShiT dO nOt fUck with tHeSe guIYZ!!! THEse CrAzY MoTHErFUCKERS are serVeR H4ckeRz AND CAN REprOgRaM THe GaMe aND eVEn DelETe YoU FRom ExIStencE!!! DO NoT pRoVOKe thEm, thEy ARE InviNcibLe unleSs yOU JoIn THEM!!! gooD FuCkINg luck With THAT bECaUSe THEY BRAInWASh aLl The nEw Recruits!!!


heRoiNs lIKE To HiDE inSiDE of talL builDings and ShadY AlleyWaYS, sHooTiNg UP THEIr viCTImS fRom aFAR WIth HiGH LEvEL SNIping gEAR!!! THESe GooNS ARe liKE LightniNg, NeVER StanD IN ThE MIddlE OF an oPen ArEA!11

THe moST iMpOrTaNt vidEo Of yOUr lIfE LeaRN THat druqS are Bad 4 u!

tHE VIDeO thiS iS FrOM Is awesOme Go WaTCH it

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ranDoM ~uSEr | RaNDOM ~BOX | nexT ~uSEr

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