What's all this, then?

This site is home to my many (badly drawn) textart doodles.

I’ve always been a huge fan of textart, even back when i didn’t know what it was called or even that the demoscene was a thing.

Still, as many children of the 80s, i was unnknowingly exposed to it and it really caught my eye and my imagination.
Fast forward many years and here i am, doodling and loving it, being an active member of the local demoscene to the best of my abilities.

I mostly do petscii so you’ll find lots of that here, but i’ve recently began to dabble in ansi and ascii and even some pixelart for good measure.

My tools of the trade are Marq’s Petscii editor for petscii, Moebius/Pablodraw for ansi, neovim for ascii, and krita for pixels and anything else i might try.

Have fun with it, i know i do.


You can write me at dgy@fuckup.club or find me in tilde.chat as dgy