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welcome to my tilde.town page!

about me

Hi there!

I'm Ellie D. (LED for short).
I study physics, build and take apart electronics, and program in Rust. Sometimes I also play the piano, write tunes, or play video games.
I'm a trans girl from the Chicago area. I like computers and machines of all kinds, and particularly enjoy working on their internals with my hands. I spent most of my physics undergrad studying electronics, and built a few different devices for experimental physics and other things. Since most physicists don't do much electronics or programming outside of a few specific languages, I am often known by my university's students and faculty as a "hacker". I like this label reasonably well, but I much prefer "witch".
I use free Unix-like operating systems full-time. For the moment, that's Debian Linux and Void Linux, but it changes fairly often. I have a lot of old computers that I use to experiment, and so I often find myself installing new Linux distros just to try them out and learn new things about them.

what I'm working on

Teamech SCADA system

In spite of the horrors that have come out of it, I like the core idea of the "internet of things" and networked home appliances. I'm attempting to design a simple application layer for a household appliance-control network, which attempts to be secure and easy to administer. This is Teamech, a bare-bones UDP-based SCADA system.
Teamech has three parts at present, the source code for which can be found at these links:

Teamech is a work in progress, licensed under the AGPL. Lots of additional work is planned on it before I use it for anything.
Teamech uses its own encryption scheme, Teacrypt, which tries to be simple and secure against most realistic attacks. I am no cryptographer, and Teacrypt is probably not very trustworthy, but it has been a fun project for me. If you happen to look at it and find any vulnerabilities, I'd love to hear about them.

where to find me


I use the following Mastodon accounts actively:


I am sporadically on several IRC networks, including EsperNet, Freenode, and SynIRC. I can be found most reliably on the latter, where I hang out with the SCP Wiki people. My nickname everywhere (aside from tilde.town's local IRC chat) is Ellied. I'm happy to talk with you in PMs there if you need me for anything, but note that I might not respond immediately because I leave my client open in tmux on my server.


I have been attempting to run an XMPP server at ellied.net, but this has been a bit problematic because of port-forwarding difficulties on the router my ISP provides. You can try to contact me at diodelass@ellied.net, but I definitely don't guarantee that I'll receive you for the moment.