An adventure setting for
There is a giraffe who wants the best leaves but their neck is too short




Give your giraffe a name!

A giraffe can have any kind of name really. But traditional giraffe names always adhere to a specific formula.

Choose or roll adjective name adjective noun:

d6 adjective adjective adjective
1 little black spotted
2 big yellow fast
3 tall brown walking
4 short jumpy thirsty
5 long hungry smelly
6 red sleepy sneaky
Table 1: Giraffe Adjectives
d6 name name name
1 johnny chandler ingrid
2 irwin phoebe ricky
3 irving rachael lucy
4 thelma ross eddie
5 monica martha chloe
6 joey suzie mikey
Table 2: Giraffe Names
d6 noun noun noun
1 neck spots bones
2 legs hoof tooth
3 horn kick mouth
4 tree coat face
5 leaf tree legs
6 tongue tail neck
Table 3: Giraffe Nouns


Here are some places you can go!

G home 1. Giraffe Home tree 2. Great Tree home--tree water 3. Watering Hole tree--water lions 4. Lions tree--lions elephants 6. Elephants water--elephants hyenas 5. Hyenas lions--hyenas
Figure 1: Giraffe Places

1. Giraffe Home

2. Great Tree

3. Watering Hole

4. Elephants

5. Lions Den

6. Hyenas


Here’s how to do giraffe encounters.

  1. Roll 3d6. One for creature, one for want/behavior, one for complication.

  2. Count down that many lines in each column, skipping over any crossed out items, and note what you got.

  3. Cross those items off the table.

  4. Use the combination of creature + want/behavior + complicaton to create an imaginative encounter.

  5. Repeat as many times as you like.

Example: I roll 1, 3, 2: a crocodile on the hunt, but there are snakes! Roleplay out the scenario.
For my next roll, 4, 4, 3, I count down that many on the columns, skipping what I’ve already rolled previously. I get zebra, on a pilgrimage, wounded.

If any dice rolls “best leaves” then start to wrap up loose ends and towards a conclusion. Ideally one in which you finally get the best leaves!

creature want/behavior complication
crocodile hungry toothache
mongoose just wants to chill snakes!
lion hunting lazy/bored
warthog wallowing in mud injured
zebra on pilgrimage fleeing
wildebeast passing through paranoid
humans poaching lost
wild dogs care for the dead it’s a trap!
cheetah laying an ambush blackmailed
giraffe looking for a mate way too ugly/awkward
elephant digging for water sick child at home
hyena set up a lair is a baby
best leaves best leaves best leaves
Table 4: Giraffe Encounters