How To Tilde

My experience as a new comer to

A guide and travelogue that I hope will help out somebody else some day.

connecting to

The first thing you’ve got to do is connect to

Level 0

I suggest you start with the Official SSH How To.

Additional reading on this step:

Level 1

So if you are shelling into town a lot now, you might be typing out a pretty long command each time you want to connect.

ssh -i ~/.ssh/

You can radically reduce the amount of typing you do with a little bit of set-up. Wouldn’t you much rather be able to type the following?

ssh tilde

Of course you would.

Do this.

  1. Create a file on your own computer in ~/.ssh called config

  2. Add the following to ~/.ssh/config

Host tilde
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/

and now you can simply ssh tilde whenever you want to join your happy little tilde town :D

Level 2

If you’re like me and are using a laptop that you move around from place to place, or for some other reason have a sketchy connection, you may have noticed that your ssh session hangs, drops, disconnects, freezes, etc.

If that’s the case, consider using mosh, the mobile shell.

Remote terminal application that allows roaming

Check out the site. It’s mostly as simple as a brew install mosh.

And then from now on, you will connect with mosh tilde. And you’ll suddenly be able to maintain a connection while roaming, switching from network to network, etc. And life will be better. Skies more blue, and the sun brighter. Your smile will be whiter and your pets more well behaved.

Things to do on

So you’re connected. That’s great. Now what?

Required Reading

Here are the first places you should look for tips on getting started.

Talk to people

  1. The w command will let you see who all is logged in and what they’re working on, you little snooper you.

  2. bbj is our bulletin board

  3. irc: chat will open up an instance of weechat, an IRC client, and connect you to #tildetown, the main channel. You can also connect to the tildeverse irc network on localhost port something something. (TODO)

  4. Mail: if you want to mail somebody, you can use alpine. a more feature rich/steeper learning curve option is mutt.

  5. Feels: record your feels and check in on your neighbors with feels.

  6. wall - don’t use wall :( it’s spammy and it messes up the way my screen is drawn. Note: if you get walled, then try pressing Ctrl-L to redraw your screen.

Games and stuff

I’ve collected a list of other town related goodies that you can look at: ~dozens/tilde-scripts.txt (EDIT: this list is probably out of date, and has been superceded by the excellent town command.)

other things

Configuration and tips-n-tricks

Things you might consider using to maximize your experience in


tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It’s kind of like a window manager for your terminal, allowing multiple tabs and persistant sessions.

Alternatives include screen and byobu.


Tilde and beyond

There are other tildes in the “tildeverse” and there are other kindred/related projects and communties.