a very powerful webring


this is a webring. a webring is like an onion ring except it is more abstract and intangible and you can't eat it. but if you imagine the breading of the onion ring as a series of websites instead of fried batter, then you will notice that if you follow the breadcrumbs, as it were, by the time you've gotten to the bottom of the list, then you've arrived back at the top!



here's a special bonus, just for you, our special friend. a special little treat for special little you. it's an opml file of all webring members that have a feed. here you go!

how it works

this webring requires no client/member-side javascript. it works by navigating to this page with certain query parameters. e.g. ?name=town&dir=next. then this page will do some javascript and redirect the user to the next (or previous) page in the ring. so you can make the whole thing work with just a couple of anchor tags on your site.


to join this onion webring, add your information to db/members.rec at https://git.tilde.town/dozens/webring


once you have been added to the database, you can include the webring html on your page however you like. here's an example:

<p>this site is a member of a very powerful webring!</p>
  < <a href="https://tilde.town/~dozens/webring/dozens/index.html?name=yoursitename&dir=prev">previous</a> |
  <a href="https://tilde.town/~dozens/webring/dozens/index.html">all</a> |
  <a href="https://tilde.town/~dozens/webring/dozens/index.html?name=yoursitename&dir=next">next</a> >

that'd look like this:

this site is a member of a very powerful webring!

< previous | all | next >